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Sub-woofers Best Under 5000

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Sub-woofers best branded for sale under 5000

Usually installed for TV’s,Computers or Laptops for experiencing better sound quality.

Below are the best sorted and searched Sub-Woofers which can be installed

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Sub-woofers Features

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The first thing to understand is the basic concept of a subwoofer system. What it is trying to do, and how does it work? Obviously, the fundamental idea is to reproduce low frequencies. In most cases, this is roughly the bottom two octaves, from 20Hz to 80Hz. However, here lies the first major issue we need to take onboard: having a special box that generates low frequencies doesn’t guarantee good bass in the listening room — in fact, far from it!

The room’s own acoustic properties are of paramount importance. If you put the world’s best subwoofer in an acoustically poor room, you’ll get very poor bass performance! I have frequently come across monitoring systems where the owner has added a subwoofer in the hope of curing a weak or lumpy bass response, only to discover the situation either doesn’t improve or actually gets worse!

If the room has nasty standing-wave problems — and almost all home studios do — it’s vital that these acoustical problems are sorted out first, before you spend money or time on a subwoofer.

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